CMAC Field Safety Rules (9/5/05)

The following rules will be in effect at all times that there are model aircraft operating at the
CMAC club field and are a supplement to the AMA safety code in effect at the time of flight
1. Flying times are from 9 AM. until dusk Monday through Sunday.
2. No engines are to be started before. 9 AM.
3. All persons flying R/C model aircraft must have in their possession a current
membership card or badge from CMAC and a current AMA card.
4. Each transmitter will have the proper frequency flag attached to the antenna.
5. A properly identified pin will be attached to the "frequency board" prior to turning on any
6. The runway will be kept clear of debris, parts of, or aircraft not in the process of taking
off or landing.
7. Landing aircraft will have the right of way. Dead stick will have first priority.
8. All activities at the site will be governed by the primary consideration of safety.
9. Spectators are not allowed on the field or in the pit area.
10. No flying is permitted while grass is being cut.
11. Each member will be responsible for the removal and proper disposal of their own trash
or debris from the flying site.
12. Overall noise at the field is to be held to a minimum to maintain good relations with the
neighbors. All engines are to be fitted with a muffler. If members do not police
themselves mandatory sound limits will be imposed.
13. Any disputes concerning flying or operations of any portions of the field will be settled
by a club officer or safety officer who is present at the field at the time of the
14. All club members must conduct themselves in an orderly fashion at all times. Club
members causing either malicious destruction or damage to the field or property, or
subsequent damage to the club image shall be:
A Fined. ( Fine to be in direct relation to the damage caused and shall be
voted on by the Officers and the Board of Directors.)
B. If a member is fined, all arrangements for settlement must be made within 24
C. A second violation or nonpayment of the imposed fine will result in
immediate dismissal from the club
15. If a spotter is recommended for safety reasons, the spotter must be an experienced flyer and
a member of the club. A safety officer, or club officer, will decide when a spotter is required.
16. There will not be any flying behind the flight line. The flight line is defined as a line extending
to infinity on either side of the pilot line (pilot box/barrier line), which is 25 feet in front of the
pilot line.
17. The safety officer's word is law. Those members who do not comply will be asked to leave
the field for the day.
18. There will not be any take off s or landings towards the flight line or the pits regardless of
wind direction.
19. No alcohol is allowed at the field.