I have 2 T-copters for sale. Both are bind and fly to almost any Spectrum/JR type radio. I handbuild, flight test and tune each one.
Self leveling-Just let go of the sticks!
Fully aerobatic-Flips, rolls, the skys the limit.
Altitude hold-Flip a switch and keep current altitude
Position hold- Hold current GPS coords.
Return to home-Comes back to starting point.
Crash resistant-Breakaway motors, folding arms.
Led lights-Night flying is a breeze.
Add Bluetooth or long range data radio to make changes or view on Google Earth with your phone or PC.
Add FPV with OSD telemetry.
Add dazzling light kits.
Training and lifetime support. Just call or meet me. I'm here to help.
Gary@garysweb.com or 239-216-2999
website www.tcopter.info
I have these two models available
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